I Care for the Homeless!

I want to save lives through health care for homeless people

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$18,057 towards $50,000

500+ homeless children immunized...over 400 homeless individuals received dental care...1,700 homeless children and adults were evaluated for mental health conditions and referred to appropriate follow-up care...almost 100 homeless women are now stably housed.

Those are only four of many more ways your donation can show that YOU Care for the Homeless. Our city is struggling now with more homeless individuals than ever but Care for the Homeless is working harder every day to provide many of them with the high-quality health care that they need to become independent, safe and secure again. It is life-saving for them and cost-saving for our city and state.

We can do more with your help! Please include Care for the Homeless in your year-end giving and tell everyone you know that "I Care for the Homeless!"